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Proud bruteforce® rapt leverage gym owner in india

  • Jul 13 2020

Proud BRUTEforce® RAPT Leverage Gym owner in India

RAPT Lever Gym allows you to exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part … and that is an under statement. It not only allows you to exercise them it allows you to totally SMASH them.

With the combined weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg (550lbs) and cable/pulley 200kg (440lbs) RAPTOR lever gym is equally effective for the ‘beginner’ as it is for the ‘advanced’ Sports Pro. Fitted with adjustable Safety limiters offers peace of mind and a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’. You will NOT out grow the BRUTEforce® RAPT lever gym.

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