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The next rs 1000 crore fitness industry opportunity in india

  • Sep 25 2015

The next big Fitness Industry Opportunity. It is estimated that by
2020, India will have over 200 Million people above the age of 60. The
fitness needs of this segment of the population are different from
those of the younger age group. The priorities of the elderly will be
Range of Motion training, Prevention of Muscular Atrophy, Gait &
Endurance Training, Symmetry of function in limbs, Cardio vascular
maintenance, Posture Training, Flexibility & Core Strength. Gyms in
India that recognize this opportunity and revamp themselves to cater
to this segment of the population will see new markets and revenue
streams, besides earning tremendous goodwill from their communities.
The existing gym market in India is extremely over crowded . With
rising real estate, energy and man power costs coupled with high
competition the average revenue realisation and break even point is
not sustainable. Gyms in India need to re adapt to the changing
environment and fitness trends. The Spirit Line of fitness Equipment
for Senior Citizens will provide a new lease of life to the industry
as well as serve the needs of the ageing population in India.  Afton
fitness is the sole distributor for Spirit Fitness Equipment for
Senior Citizens. http://ow.ly/SDShX www.afton.in

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