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The p max multi-function trainer

  • May 30 2020

The P Max Multi-function Trainer entails:
1. Compact design of less than 90 cm in length, 2.6 kg of total weight. Users can conveniently carry the product around.
2. Six vigorous training options in one easily-portable product, including the P-TWISTER, P-BLADE, P-ABS, P-PUSH UP, P-BAND, and the P-MAX functionalities. Economically priced as one product, all functionalities combined are equivalent to the value of six other products.

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3. Exclusive anti-skidding patented design resolves the risk and difficulty involved with traditional training wheels..
4. Establishment of the core value, “The new workout spirit with a portable gym,” which enables more than a hundred of training options. Training needs of a wide range of fitness levels – from beginners to advanced - can be fulfilled by the products’ adaptability. Derived from uncompromising project management standards, this successful product is one of Dyaco’s that exceeds consumer expectations not only with cost-value, but also rivals the merits of commercial weight training equipment for core exercises.


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