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The ski & row training machine

  • May 31 2020

The SKI & ROW training machine from Impulse is the combination of two widely popular and functional exercises, ski-ing & rowing. To operate this machine simply lay flat on the floor and use the same as a normal rower - when finished, adjust the rail system into the locked upright position, securing it by clipping it in at the joining point. To use the Ski motion take hold of the two handles at either side of the top of the rail system and pull down as demonstrated, repeat this action in a high intensity.
If you are looking for a low-impact, highly effective, value for money machine to use in your home then look no further. In addition to all the functions this machine offers a spacious rail system with smooth movements & a quiet belt so others aren't distrubed in the home. See our images and diagrams to fully understand the various options of exercises available with the Impulse Ski & Row machine.
Multi-use home rower to allow you to target every bodypart with one machine
Rower - the use of rowers have been a long time favourite for fitness enthusiasts. It's low-impact multi muscle targeting nature allows users to increase their cardiovascular levels along with building toned muscles in the upper legs, back & core muscle groups.
Ski motion - the popularity of this movement is increasing year on year and for good reason. The benefit of having this option available to users gives them the opportunity to train the body in a different fashion and further increase their fitness. By pulling down on the handles at the top of the rail users exert their engery, activating muscle groups such as arms, glutes & core.
Additional Straps - the extra straps included with this machine offer the option of focussing on isolation movements such as tricep pushdowns, cable crunches, glute kickbacks and more.
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Drive Material Rope
Flywheel Weight 4.1kg
Resistance Design Mars (Air & Magnetic Resistance)
Resistance Levels 20
Resistance Power 300W
Console Display 7" LCD
Programs Time/Distance/Calorie Target/Interval Time/Distance)
Net Weight 69kg
Dimensions (as Rower) 2620 x 810 x 1060mm
Dimensions (as Ski Trainer) 1360 x 810 x 214

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