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With MyCircle devices muscles are trained according to a double concentric principle. Each device trains both the agonistic and antagonistic muscle groups.

As in water, slow movements produce a smooth resistance. If the movement is accelerated, the required force will increase. Conversely, this means that the resistance decreases with increasing fatigue and automatically adjusts to the power of the user.

This revolutionary resistance provides a particularly precise and safe training that eliminates overload.

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RL8106 Stretch
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RL8101 Chest Press/Row
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RL8107 Ab Crunch/Back Extension
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RL8104 Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid
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RL8102 Overhead Press/Pulldown
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RL8108 Hip Abduction/Adduction
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RL8105 Leg Extension/Leg Curl
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RL8110 Leg Press