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The history of TYTAX® goes back to 1988, when Stanisław Szultka created the first home gym in his garage.

Today, several years after building the first machine, the company TYTAX FACTORY is a highly appreciated manufacturer of strength training equipment in the world.

Machines made in Poland, in the heart of Europe.

Stanisław Szultka was born in 1958 in Brusy, Poland. Today, Poland is the dynamically developing country. Yet in 1989, there was a common lack of everything, especially of luxury goods such as exercise equipment. This situation became an inspiration for Mr. Szultka to build his own home gym, and after that to start his own company. The company was found in 1992, as there was no more space for production in the garage, inside which the prototypes of TYTAX® S6 model were built. Therefore, there was a demand for the factory building, which was built in 1992.