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Delivery Policy

Delivery Times

We use reputed courier agencies and our own teams all over India to execute orders and do deliveries and installations.

Deliveries depend on the location and also on the availaibility of various compliance forms for the particular state where the delivery is to happen.

 Interstate Shipping Forms and Requirements


ZEPO – India Interstate Regulatory Requirements
Sr.   No. State Number of Copies of Invoices ST-Forms / VAT Forms
Inbound Outbound
Issued by
Octroi Entry Tax    Remarks            
1 Andaman & Nicobar  4 NA NA NA No No NA
2 Andhra Pradesh 4 Form X or Form 600 Form 602 Shipper No Yes Transit pass in Form 616 and a declaration in Form 615 required for other state materials. Form X or 600 is not applicable for personal goods. TIN # on C. Invoice. Entry tax is applicable on select goods
3 Arunachal Pradesh 4 DG-01 NA NA No No Entry tax applicable in the absence of TIN No
4 Assam 4 Form 61 (Delivery note for Resale)Form 62 Road Permit) Form 63 – taxable goods Shipper No Yes Form 60 for Tax free goods Transit pass in Form 64
5 Bihar  4 Form D IX Form D X Shipper No No Intra state Form VIII‐D
6 Chandigarh 4 No No NA No No NA
7 Chhattisgarh 4 TIN no.which starts with 22……. NA Shipper No No NA
8 Dadra & Nagar Haveli 4 NA NA NA No No NA
9 Daman & Diu 4 NA NA NA No No  NA
10 Delhi  4 NA NA NA No No NA
11 Goa 4 Form VAT XX NA NA No No  NA
12 Gujarat 4 Form 403 Form 402 Shipper No No Transit pass application in
13 Haryana 4 Form VAT D3 / ST38 Inward Form VAT D3 / ST38 Outward Shipper No Yes Transit slip in Form VAT D 4 for taxable goods only. Form 38 /DT 3 for all inbound shipments having value > 25000/= and above. Entry tax 2% of value of goods.
14 Himachal Pradesh 4 Form VAT XXII B or Transport receipt in VAT Form XXII.   VAT –XXVI‐A ( For casual dealer ) Form VAT 22 B NA No No Maintain Forms transport receipt VAT 22, Forwarding Note VAT 22A, dispatch register VAT22C, delivery register VAT24
15 Jammu & Kashmir 4 Declaration Form 65. for value >5000 Way Bill Form 58 Form 65 Carrier No Yes Form VAT 62, 63, Acknowledgement for delivery of goods. Delivery note to be submitted by dealer in VAT 59 & any other person in VAT 61 & Waybill in Form 58. Entry tax is applicable in case value of good >5000.00
16 Jharkhand 4 Form JVAT 504G (green colored) Form 504 B (blue colored) Shipper No No For persons other than dealers application in Form JVAT 502 and permit in JVAT 503. Transit pass in Form JVAT 508
17 Karnataka  4 Form VAT 505Form VAT 515 NA NA No Yes Penalty in absence of TIN # for commercial shipments & Invoice must accompany with commercial shipments.
18 Kerala  4 Form 8 FForm 15/16for non registered dealer Form 15 – Delivery Note Shipper No Yes s Inter‐state transport in Form 7C, Transit Pass in Form 7B. Entry Tax in absence of TIN/ CST # on select goods. Form 16 if value of the shipment >5000.00
19 Lakshadweep  4 NA NA NA No No
20 Madhya Pradesh 4 Declaration Form 49/50 Declaration Form 49/50 Shipper /consignee No Yes Form 49 for commercial shipments & Form 50 for non – commercial shipments can be provided by Consignee & shipper respectively
21 Maharashtra 4 Form N for Octroi exemption Form N for Octroi exemption NA Yes No Form N for waiver from Octroi and transiting goods from the Octroi zone.
22 Manipur  4 Form 27 Form 28 Shipper No No Transit pass in Form 29.Bill of sale / invoice in case of non taxable goods.
23 Meghalaya  4 Form 35Form 40 Form 37 Shipper No No Form 35 is for non taxable goods & Form 40 is for taxable goods Transit pass in Form 38
24 Mizoram  4 Form 33 NA Shipper No No Declaration & Form inform 32 & 33 and way bill in Form 34
25 Nagaland 4 Form  VAT 23 Form VAT 24 NA No No Transit Pass in Form VAT 25
26 Orissa 4 Form VAT 402 NA Shipper No Yes Transit Pass in Form VAT 406 Form VAT 402A for casual dealer. TIN/ CST mandatory. Entry Tax applicable in absence of TIN #
27 Pondicherry 4 NA NA NA No No  NA
28 Punjab 4 Form VAT 36VAT 11/12 for casual dealer Form VAT 36 Carrier Yes No Transit Pass in Form VAT 35 /VAT 12. VAT 36 applicable for inbound goods for value >10,000/= Entry Tax is applicable on select goods. Transporter shall issue receipt in VAT 39 AND Way bill in VAT 40
29 Rajasthan 4 Form VAT 47 Form VAT 49 Shipper No Yes Transit Pass in Form VAT 51. Penalty in absence of Form VAT 47 & issued to consignee.
30 Sikkim 4 Form 25
Form 26
Form 25Form 26 Shipper/ consignee No No Form 25 is for registered dealer Form 26 for any other person
31 Tamil Nadu 4 Commercial invoice with copy of BoE in case of Imported goods. NA NA No No Transit Pass in Form LL Form KK by clearing agent
32 Tripura 4 Form XXIV / XXVI XXVII Shipper No No NA
33 Uttar Pradesh 4 Form 38/ Form 39 NA Shipper No Yes* Form 38 is for registered dealer Form 39 is for other dealer. Form XL for Trip Sheet
34 Uttaranchal Form 16 / Form 17 NA Consignee/Shipper No No Trip Sheet in Form 18. Form 16 is for registered dealer. Form 17 is for non registered dealer
35 West Bengal VAT Form 50A NA Consignee/
No No Form 50 is a sales tax permit

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