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Afton Fitness Equipment
2nd Floor, SCM Jamaludeen Chambers, 4 Montieth Road, Egmore Chennai, IN
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About Us

Founded as a startup in 1988 Afton Fitness is today one of India's largest and fastest growing fitness equipment supply and service companies. Afton represents
some of the worlds most reliable and fast growing fitness equipment companies exclusively for the Indian sub continent. Our strong technology and service background
helps in providing solutions for gym equipment. Backed by a team of 100 trained service technicians we are working hard to keep thousands of our treadmills across 
country run non stop so gym owners and members get the maximum benefits of our products.

We have stores and service centres in the following states

Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal

We bring to the Indian fitness market the latest in Innovation and trends in fitness equipment & Respresent the following International brands of fitness
for India

Spirit Fitness - This USA brand has a wide range of cardio and strength equipment.  The Spirit CT900 is a full commercial treadmill with best in class features.
Its robust construction and reliability is backed by trained Afton service personnel. Other models of Spirit include CT825, CT850, CE900, CE800. Afton has been 
representing Spirit in India since 1999 and this brand is used in thousands of gyms all over the country.

Stex Fitness - South Koreas leading fitness equipment brand Stex founded the AC vector drive technology that is currently being used by treadmills all over the world.
This technology company has strong R&D and is know for its robust and reliable products. Afton supplies and services Stex in India since 2001.

Xebex - Xebex is a maker of cardio equipment for crossfit studios. The Xebex Airbikes, Indoor Rowers, Ski Ergometers & Curve Treadmills are designed for a very heavy duty
hammering in the crossfit environment. Afton supplies Xebex products across the country.

GetRXD - This Houston based manufacturer of Crossfit Rigs, Crossfit Accessories, Barbells, Bumper plates, Wall Balls, Slam Balls, GHDs, Prowlers brings world class crossfit
hardware to India through Afton.

Spivi - Spivi from Israel is a technology company that provides 3D Virtual reality solutions for Indoor Cycling Studios. The Spivi Arena and Metrix system as used for heart rate 
training and allow gyms to display every members real time heart rate on a large screen in the centre of the club to provide a safe and effective workout.

Impulse - This listed company in the Shenzen Stock Exchange is an OEM to the leading brands in Fitness. As an OEM for world class brands like Precor, Life Fitness, Octane Impulse has 
launched its own line of selectorised and plate loaded strength equipment in India through Afton Fitness.

Kbox - The Swedish inventors of Kbox have brought the Flywheel Isokinetic method of training to the world. Used by top athletes in various disciplines for peak performance,
Afton is bringing the Kbox to India.

Sole Fitness - Sole Fitness cardio equipment is sold across the world and is renowned for its very high end home use products. Ranked Best Buy for several years in a row
the Sole F63 is the first choice of several home buyers in India.

Bruteforce - The Bruteforce 360PTA is the top functional trainer in the world. Designed in Australia by David Renouf the Brute is a backed by strong digital content explaining
its various features and uses.

Gait and Motion Analysis software. Afton provides a complete motion and gait analysis system in conjunction with the Spirit Medical MT 200 Gait Training Treadmill. 

Phantom Training Mask.  The phantom training mask makes the athlete strengthen his breathing muscles by adjusting the volume of air flowing into the lungs. Afton is the distributor 
for Phantom training masks in India.

Into Wellness / Real leader. With a 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Pune, Afton is the national distributor for Into wellness products in India. This range of strength equipment has
very supperior and accurate biomechanics. Afton brings Make in India into the fitness industry with world class products.

Bodygee is the gold standard in 3D Body Scanning from Switzerland. With Bodygee you can say good bye to Scales, BIA devices and scan, track and motivate your members in 3D visualization.

Dynostics Vo2max and Nutrition Analysis lets members understand their metabolic data for better training and performance.

Run Rocket is a device to help athletes increase speed and generate explosive power.

Interactive floor tiles is can be used to create functional and interactive workouts.

Afton fitness equipment stores are located in all majore cities and towns in India. We have service centres to ensure our customers
enjoy their purchase long after warranties.

Setting up gyms in side homes , apartments , clubs, office buildings along with maintaince contracts for any equipment is our prime scope.

We provide 3D walkthroughs to all our clients of their gym. We are also leading providers of crossfit and functional training equipment all over India
Using the latest CAD software we help our customers design their clubs so spae is used effectively and ergomically.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 9445163701 for a proposal.