Axle Bar

It takes an incredible amount of grip strength to do quick, explosive movements with an axle, and the sooner you add them to your training, the better your grip will be. Start adding axles gradually into your training, and watch your grip strength shoot through the roof. 

The Axle Bar comes with (2) heavy duty adjustable collars made just for the Axle Bar. 

- Legnth: 7'
- Diameter: 1.9"
- Weight: 30LB
- 15.5" for loadable space; 52.5" in between the sleeves.

IMPORTANT: Standard barbell collars may not work on this specialty bar. We recommend using the adjustable collars included.

Please note metal-to-metal contact with the powder-coated finish (such as adding and/or removing plates) may cause wear over time.

Price : Rs.5225+GST+Freight 


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