Most of the exisiting body composition analysers with the same features are super expensive and complicated to use. The Afton is affordable and has a simple user interface. It connects to the PC via a blue tooth dongle (provided) and charges with a regular Micro USB charger. Provides detailed print outs and saves user data in the PC or on the mobile through and Android app available in the Android play store as a free download. See report generated below.

Generate Print Out using you existing computer and Printer

You dont need to buy separate expensive thermal paper as used in other modets.  Your regular printer can be used to generate color or black and white reports

Easy Installation 

Just install the software in your pc. insert the blue tooth dongle and seamlessly connect with the body fat analysis scale. The spoken english instructions will then guide you through the measure ment process which takes a few minutes.

Use Exisiting Micro USB mobile charger

You can use an exisiting micro USB charger to charge the body fat analysers Lithium Ion 3.7 800 mAh battery. Once the green light is on the scale is ready to be used.

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Excellent Reports Generated for your customers

The report generated consists of all the information you need in a simple and easy to understand format. It also provides advice and analysis of limb balance. Weight (kg), BMI (Body Mass Index), TBF% (Total Body Fluid percentage), FM (Fat Mass), FMI (Fat Mass Index), FFM (Fat Free Mass), FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index), Ratio of Fat and SM, VFI (Visceral Fat Index), TBW% (Total Body Water percentage), SM% (Skeletal Mass percentage), BMC Kg (Bone Mineral Content), BMR Kcal/day (Basal Metabolic Rate), overall score, body bio-age, and body balance analysis . Health Risk warnings are provided along with weight control advice. 


    • Wireless data transmission by Bluetooth
    • 180 body composition history records and trend chart
    • Automatically calculates the difference value between present and history result
    • Capability: 0.3~150kg; graduation: 100g -10-80 years old, 100cm-200cm height
    • Measuring method: 5-segment and 8-electrode BIA, measuring time: <10s
    • Wide Display Screen (View Screen display) for excellent readability: 51×51mm LCD
    • Battery: embedded single 3.7V/800mAH chargeable lithium battery
    • Power supply: charging voltage DC 5V 500mA, please use mobile phone charger or connect to a PC to charge
    • Low voltage and over weighting warning
    • Dimensions: W(340mm)*L(370mm)*H(40mm)
    • Data transmission: bluetooth version: BT4.0 BLE
    • Warranty: 1 year 

Give your customers accurate data they can understand.

If you can measure it. You can manage it. Is your gym providing measurable data to its members. Up your game. Get a body composition analyser scale and give your members the information they deserve.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” 
― H. James Harrington 



Why is a body fat analyser necessary for your gym?

It is really the only way to understand and measure the results experienced by a member by using your gym. It will show accurately the Body Mass Index which should be around 22 ideally and is a function of body weight and height of the user. This measurement defines if the user is obese or is of ideal weight. A BMI machine is an essential part of todays gym.

How does the Afton Body fat analyser work?

It uses bio electrical impedance analsis. This is a non invasive technology that measures the electricl properties of the the bodys blood, muscle, organs and bones. It is harmless and non detectable. Also the content of water in the body affects the bio impedance.

Why is it necessary to maintain the ideal body fat?

Fat is important for the human body. It is one of three nutrients and provides energy to maintain the body temperature and metabolism. Fat must be kept the right proporation  for ideal health. Too much body fat which is distributed abmorally can cause health conditions and morbidity.

Why is it necessary to improve the Basal Metabolic rate?

Basal metabolic rate accounts for 70% of energy consumption. Therefore improving the basal metabolic rate will result in better body composition management. Obesity is a consequence of excessive food intake over the metabolic requirement, hence resulting in fat accumalation.

What is Visceral Fat Index?

Visceral fat is the fat around the internal organs in the abdomenal area. Also known as belly fat it is the most dangerous fat. It induces high triglycerides, cholestrol, Diabetes, Hyper tension which toghether are also know as the death quartet. The Afton provides an accurate visceral fat measurement.

Whats Body of Water?

Water is the most abundant part of the body. Weight loss due to dehydration isis not healthy and cause illness. Use the Body composition analyser to find if the weight loss happened because reduced fat or because of a lower body water content.


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