For more than a decade the 360PT has constantly evolved and now is undoubtedly the ULTIMATE Functional Trainer. This latest model has many of the features of previous models but at an EVEN more competive price.

BRUTEforce Australia has developed the 360PTM Functional Trainer into a complete package for your own home gym, Personal Training Studio, Health Club or work gym.

Why the 360PTM is superior to other functional trainer:

  1.  IMPORTANT: FEATURES for 360PTM: SIX (6) foot supports. The two extra feet positioned under the weight stacks eliminates the sagging of the two bottom frames which causes the smith machine to jam. This problem is very common with all models featuring only four (4) feet supports.
  2. Improved/upgraded linear bearings in the Smith machine giving a smoother travel, also a superior locking system.
  3. The detachable Leg Press plate allows for a very intense leg work-out.
  4. The ‘U’ shape inside footprint offers a more spacious work area.
  5. The twin 70kg weight stacks are laser cut to ensure precise position of weight plate selector pin and so eliminating jamming.
  6. Superior Welds, Powder coat and over-all finish.
  7. Superior upgraded Pulleys and cables.
  8. Improved Pulley slider design, offering smoother and single hand adjustment.
  9. Please note: there are no nylon covers for the bolt heads or saddle weight brackets for the weight stacks.
  10. Packing consists of two wooden crates for extra protection while in transit.

BRUTEforce 360PTM Functional Trainer Features at a glance:

  • NEW: the Jammer Arm system transforms this machine and will transform your training program to a new level.
  • NEW: the increased height of the weight stack shrouds/sheilds for added protection and visual appearance.
  • NEW: Extra positions for resistance band pegs.
  • Two precision cut steel 70kg pin select weight stacks.
  • Commercial Smith Machine with linier bearings.
  • Multi Purpose Power Rack.
  • Commercial grade J Hooks and Spotting/safety arm.
  • Extreme Core Trainer (Fits Olympic and Regular size bars).
  • Wide and close Grip Chin Up Bar.
  • Adjustable/removable dipping handles.
  • Weight Bar Storage Holders.
  • Weight Plate Storage Rods.
  • Rubber band resistance/assistance pegs.
  • Fixing ring for TRX etc.
  • Includes 13 bars, handles and harness attachments.
  • Main Frame is constructed from 70mm x 50mm Steel tube. Front Pulley/Power rack upright post is 50mm x 50mm chromed steel tube. Spotter/Safety arms and J Hooks are constructed from 4mm thick quality steel.
  • Compact footprint: W: 1960mm x D: 1470mm x H: 2100mm.


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