Get Rxd 4' Galvanized Outdoor Titan Rig

Galvanized Outdoor Titan Rig

*Barbells and weightplates additional price.

Take your workout outside into the backyard and train on the weather and rust resistant, Galvanized Outdoor Titan Rig! Galvanization provides the most weather-resistant protection inside and out and extends the life of your pull-up rig, making it perfect for outdoor and backyard setups. This all-in-one pull-up rig features two lifting stations and plenty of room for a variety of gymnastics movements. The pull-up bars are adjustable to accommodate athletes of all skill levels. Complete your setup with galvanized and non-galvanized accessories.

Why's galvanized better than powder coat?
Powder Coat is sprayed onto metals in a spray booth. Since powder coating is sprayed, there is no way to powder coat the insides of the metal. Galvanizing is the process of immersing steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal. While the steel is immersed in the zinc, a metallurgical reaction occurs between the iron in the steel and the molten zinc. This produces a more rust and weather resistant coat on not only the outside of the metal, but the inside is galvanized as well. 

4'x6' Footprint, 12'/15' Height
Galvanized 3"x3" Steel

Features Included:
(2) Squat stations with 4x Powder Coated J-Cups
(1) Multi-height bar
(3) Pull-up stations
(4) Sets of concrete anchors
(2) 15' uprights made up of a 9' upright + 6' extension and (2) 12' uprights

Compatible Accessories:
- Gymnastics Rings and Straps
- 15'6" Poly-Dacron White Climbing Rope (Made for Outdoor Use) - shrink wrap end with knot at bottom
*Do not remove knot, to keep the shrink wrap end from sliding off
- Galvanized Titan Dip Horn
- Galvanized Double Wall Ball Target

- Ships with 6' extension tubes to convert 9' uprights to 15' uprights, for a total of (2) 12' uprights and (2) 15' uprights
- J-Cups are powder-coated. Bolts/nuts are black-zinc coating. 
- Gymnastics Rings, Barbells, Weights, J-Cups, and other non-galvanized pieces should be stored indoors after use

Safety Warnings:
Galvanized A-hanger: Ensure that the hook is tightly secured to the A-Hanger by tightening the nut above. We recommend looping climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, or anything else a person may climb on over the beam on the A-Hanger, rather than using the hook. The hook is used for punching bags only.


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