Get Rxd 4' Powder-Coated Outdoor Titan Rig

Powder-Coated Outdoor Titan Rig

*Barbells and weightplates additional price.

Take your workout outside into the backyard and train on the weather and rust resistant, Outdoor Titan Rig! This all-in-one pull-up rig features two lifting stations and plenty of room for a variety of gymnastics movements. The pull-up bars are adjustable to accommodate athletes of all skill levels. Complete your setup with optional accessories to maximize your space. 

Powder coat is sprayed onto metals in a spray booth. Since powder coating is sprayed, there is no way to powder coat the insides of the metal. Therefore, the exposed parts of the metal have the potential to develop rust. We've had many of our clients put our powder-coated rigs outdoors over the years, but some rusting is to be expected on non-powder coated areas. We suggest trying to keep non-powder coated areas as dry as possible by draining any water that may build up in interior portions of the pull-up rig. Uprights come with a standard black powder coat unless custom color option is selected.

Looking for an upgraded galvanized version for more rust resistance? 
Galvanizing is the process of immersing steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal. While the steel is immersed in the zinc, a metallurgical reaction occurs between the iron in the steel and the molten zinc. This produces a more rust and weather resistant coat on not only the outside of the metal, but the inside is galvanized as well. 

4'x6' Footprint, 12'/15' Height
Powder Coated 3"x3" Steel

Features Included:
(2) Squat stations with 4x Powder Coated J-Cups
(1) Multi-height bar
(3) Pull-up stations
(4) Sets of concrete anchors
(2) 15' uprights made up of a 9' upright + 6' extension and (2) 12' uprights

Compatible Accessories:
- Gymnastics Rings and Straps
- 15'6" Poly-Dacron White Climbing Rope (made for outdoor Use) - shrink wrap end with knot at bottom Do not remove knot. Knot keeps the shrink wrap end from sliding off.
- Titan Dip Horn
- Double Wall Ball Target
- Salmon Ladder Cups

Safety Warnings:
A-hanger: Ensure that the hook is tightly secured to the A-Hanger by tightening the nut above. We recommend looping climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, or anything else a person may climb on over the beam on the A-Hanger, rather than using the hook. The hook is used for punching bags only.

- Ships with (2) 12' Uprights, (2) 9' Uprights, (2) 6' Extensions. 6' extension tubes extend 9' uprights into 15' uprights, for a total of (2) 12' uprights and (2) 15' uprights once assembled.
- Color Options are for 9' and 12' uprights only. We use a 6' extension tube to extend 9' uprights into 15' uprights. The 6' extension tube only comes in black. 
- Bolts/nuts are black-zinc coating. 


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