• HR Tracking for All Fitness Activities
  • Fully compatible with leading brands
  • Simple integration with your website and CRM
  • Get Accurate HR and Calorie Information in Real Time
  • Data Tracking, Performance Analysis, Administrative Reports and PER-SECOND Graphs – No Additional 3rd Party Solutions Required!
  • Complete Set of Privacy Settings
  • Automatically Send Emails After Each Workout with Performance Results and Burned Calories

Compatible with any ANT+ HR and Polar H7 BLE straps

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And many more!


Turn your website into a web portal for your members using our web-widgets in minutes. Members’ accounts, class schedule with MINDBODY and Zingfit integration, leader-board widget, per-second data analysis and more. Constantly updated.
  • Track Heart-Rate on all activities
  • Simple Initial Set Up
  • Easy To Sign In and Sign Up
  • Easy One-time Set Up for New Devices
  • Easy To Integrate on Your Website
  • No Additional Fees for Data Tracking



Arena Leaderboard

HR Tracking Live!

Spivi® Arena reads your members HR data directly from their HR straps, combines the data with personal information it has on the cloud such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates different views including a leaderboard with respect to LTHR, %Max HR data, burned calories and more.

Spivi Arena Zones View

Keep Them All In the Zone

Easy to read and understand, the HR Zones view allows you to show your members where to focus. For example. if you’re currently sweating in a high intensity routine and want them to push hard, instruct them to give what it takes to go to the Red Zone.

Spivi Arena Max HR View

% Max Heart Rate View

A dedicated view for Max Heart Rate.
Members can manually set their Max Heart Rate (MHR) vlue on their user profiles. Alternatively, Spivi® Arena can update this values automatically based on a live class test.
This heart rate view displays the %Max HR of each member and real-time heart rate in BPM units.

Spivi Arena LTHR View

% LTHR View

A dedicated view for Lactate Threshold Heart Rate.
Members can manually set their Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) value on their user profiles. Alternatively, Spivi® can update the LTHR automatically based on a live class test.
This heart rate view displays the %LTHR of each member and real-time heart rate in BPM units.

Spivi Graphs

Per-Second Analysis!

Let your members have their performance data logged to their user profiles and get their results by email right after the class. Your members get all their data stored on the cloud, available for them to review at given any time from anywhere using their computers, tablets or their mobile phones.

You don’t need any third party to hold this information for you, our cloud services have it all, ready to be embed as a widget on your website.

Social Networked

Spivi® is integrated with the leading social networks available today such as Facebook and Twitter.
Spivi® is also running on a dedicated community website here at, allowing people to interact with other members from their fitness club and meet new people from others – world wide. Expand your local experience behind the club’s walls.

Spivi® products are ANT+ certified and complies with the following specified ANT+ Device Profiles:      


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