*Instructive - simple, step-by-step instructions and training tips help users get the most out of their exercise.

* Aircraft spec 5mm American LOOS cable with a 4,200 lb breaking strength. End fittings tested to 250,000 cycles using full weight stack.

*Shroud (PVC) is applied to protect the equipment or the possible injury during operation.

*19mm thick plywood backing, followed by 38mm thick foam core, covered by industrial vinyl, total thickness is 60mm.

*The standard color of the pad is brown. Material and color option is available based on customer requirements as well.

*Logo and sticker are customerized

*Compact - space efficient design requires minimal floor space.

*Easy-to-use, minimal one-touch adjustments with adjustments points color coded yellow for easy viewing and pre-stretch features allow for optimal exercise positions.

*Glass fiber reinforced nylon pulleys with deep V-groove

*Tubing: Double oval tube differ into any types, RT40*80*2.5mm, electro-welded to maximum integrity.

*Color: metallic silver gray(Other colors are optional based on customer requirements)

*Finish: Electrostatic powder-coated and heat cured after adhesiveness enhancement pre-treatment for superior durability

*Available Weight stack option: 170lbs, 250lbs

• Main frames: 1year
• Moving arms: 1year
• Weight stack plates and components, rotary bearings, bushings 
and pulleys: 1 year
• Cable, linear bearings, springs, adjustments: 1 year 
• Hand grips, upholstery pads and rollers, all other parts (including 
end caps, shrouds): 6 months




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