A strong T-Rex requires a worthy throne to settle, which can handle the tough impacts. 

The T-Rex trolly cum stand is constructed with the combination of heavy-duty materials that can adapt to the toughness of T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbell. It has been designed to achieve the 3 main aspects needed for a home gym gear i.e. compact, portable & effective.

This Trolly keeps your home gym clean, which facilitates systemized plates storage, ensures a compact T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells storage i.e. A 50kg x 2 Dumbbell stored in a space nearly the size of your shoe, isn’t it is a cost-efficient solution?

Keeping safety measures in mind the trolly has been provided 2 side elevation on the top surface of the trolly & tapered shape of the Plate holders ensures the risk of accidents.

The Structured matt black powder coating enhances the aesthetic of the gear while Strengthens the Trolly against the Oxidation.

Space Efficient: Considering a home gym gear, the foremost factor to choose is the space efficiency of the gear. Hence keeping this in mind, this trolly has been designed to be compact that occupies 1.6 square feet for a full-fledged T-Rex Adjustable dumbbell i.e. nearly size of your shoe.

Made to Commercial Standards: The Trolly is fabricated with heavy-duty 11 Gauge CR Steel & processed under 7 tank powder coating process, which makes it extremely tougher & sturdy gear. A Heavy grade 6mm ware resistant Rubber pad is screwed on the top surface of the trolly where dumbbell racking/stacking will be held, to avoid metal-to-metal contact & reduce the associated noise, also there is a 20mm 2 side elevation provided on the top to secure the Dumbbell fall. It has been built to withstand the heavy drops, hence no worry while racking the heavy Dumbbells.

Convenience: The Trolly’s construction and tapered shape of the Plate holders makes handling, unloading, and re-racking plates easier, also it assures the secure fit of plates during the mobility.

Ease of Mobility: The T-Rex trolly features a stress-free Portability with built-in handle (Rubber Grip) and Heavy-duty Rubber bearing wheels while the best part is that handles are placed on 2 opposite sides, thus no need to rotate the entire trolly. Also, the trolly wheels are provided with the locking mechanism (Brakes), so that one can easily lock/unlock the wheels as required.


  1. Please note that any metal-to-metal contact with the coated Plate holders (such as adding and/or removing plates) may cause wear on the finish over time.
  2. Always make sure to load or offload the T-Rex Adjustable dumbbell in a vertical position only.
  3. Do Not practice to move the trolly when the wheels are locked, else this can cause tear damage on Rubber wheels.
  4. Make sure not to drop your Dumbbells on the elevated edge of trolly.


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