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Tready™ - The only treadmill that can be moved and stored anywhere, easily! Heck, it's only 25kg and 5" thick
Tready™ looks amazing, stores easily and adapts to whatever workout you plan. Built with a revolutionary human infrared stepping technology, it tracks your position and adjusts the speed accordingly. 

Tready™ with handle costs Rs 42990 but is available after discount for Rs 39990

With 7 patents revolutionizing treadmill design, usability, and safety, Tready is a world class in its category taking the working out experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.
Pre-Orders Are Now Available
We are expecting the new shipment to be sold out when it arrives
so hurry and pre-order your Tready now (supplies are very limited)

Beautifully Engineered
Minimalist Design
Simple design that redefines the future of treadmills
Intelligent Infrared Speed Control
Tready™ tracks the position of your feet and adjust the speed accordingly based on the 3 stepping location zones (slow, normal, fast)

Hydraulic Handrail
When the handrail is added, the maximum speed will increase from 
6kms/hr (walking speed)  to 8kms /hr (running speed)
What is so unique about Tready?
Tready is a new and unique treadmill that offers a minimalistic and lightweight design ideal for anyone who wants a treadmill that can be used and stored almost anywhere
When will you start shipping?
We will start shipping Tready in  September 2018
What if I want to cancel my pre-order?
If we haven't shipped your Tready you can contact us any time via phone or email for a full refund
Where do you ship Tready from?
We ship Tready from our warehouse in Chennai.
How long does it take my Tready to arrive?
We plan to start shipping Tready in September 2018. Once shipped, your order will take 3-5 business days to arrive.
Do you offer phone or email support for Tready?
Yes, we offer 1-year phone and email support for free
What is the weight limit for Tready?
Because of Tready's minimalistic and lightweight design, the weight limit is 90Kg
Do I need to buy the handrail?
No. handrail is included. Please note that for safety the speed will be limited without the handrail
What is the infrared stepping technology?
There are two strips of infrared along the belt that tracks to the position of your feet and adjust the speed accordingly based on the 3 step location zones (slow, normal, fast)
Can I use Tready in the office under my desk?
Absolutely! We encourage everyone to live a healthy life at home and at the office, and Tready is a perfect match for a standing desk. We will also be offering a standing desk when ordering opens
What materials is Tready made from?
Tready is built from aluminum alloy frame and super shock absorption system
Do I need to assemble Tready when I get it?
No, Tready arrives fully assembled. Just plug in the power outlet and start your workout
Does Tready come with a heart rate monitor?
No. Tready is built with a minimalist design approach. We wanted to keep Tready very simple and functional. We recommend you use a chest heart rate monitor
and connect it to your mobile phone to see you accurate real time heart rate.
Is Tready safe?
Absolutely! Tready is designed to limit speed to 6kms/hr  without the handrail attached and 8kms/hr  with the attached handrail
Is the handrail heavy to lift?
No. The handrail is hydraulic, so all you need is a little pull and the handrail opened automatically
What information does the LCD screen show?
Workout time, steps and distance. Its the only treadmill that shows the number of steps you walked so you dont need a fitbit or pedometer.
What colors do you offer for Tready?
We are currently offering gray but will be offering pink in the future
How much noise does Tready make?
Tready utilizes patented technology and a compact motor that is very quiet and is is under 6 decibels
Is Tready's belt smaller than a regular treadmill?
No, while the Tready is lightweight and small we kept the belt size comparable to a regular treadmill
How much does Tready weigh?
Tready weighs 25kg and 29Kg with the handrail attached
How do I increase or decrease the speed?
Tready uses the 3 zone stepping technology that adjusts the speed based on the position of your run. Just walk/run toward the front to speed up, the back to slow down, and the middle to maintain your speed
What are the dimensions?
Tready's dimensions are 55” X 25” X 5”
Does Tready have an incline option?
Because we wanted to keep Tready small and easy to move around, we decided to keep things simple. We kept only the most important functions of a traditional treadmill
Will you be shipping Tready internationally?
During our special pre-order event we will only be shipping within India
Pre-Orders Are Now Available
We are expecting the new shipment to be sold out when it arrives
so hurry and pre-order your Tready now (supplies are very limited)

(044) 4214 6414
55 Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008, India 
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