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As you gently roll out of this rotated position, stored tension is released, and the nerves relax.  most people lose full spinal rotation due the shortening of muscles over time and with activity. Simple seated twists lengthen and release these muscles, permitting mobility


How to use :

1) This apparatus has three rotational seats which swivel to stretch the external and internal obliques and the abdominals.

It serves, also, to align the spine and lower back.

2) Grasp the central bar with both hands in order to keep the shoulders square. Place your feet on, or under the foot rests.

3) Twist your hips from side to side, being sure to keep the shoulders stationary throughout the motion.

4) Slowly extend the range of movement to each side, sometimes holding at the maximum

Safety :

If You have medical condition which might need special attention then seek medical or experts advice. Protection from adult is required when children and elder are using it.


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