Spivi studio

Immersive Workout Experience For Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Boutique Studios
Connect Members in Your Studio, Connect Members at Home

Spivi Studio is the world’s first platform to allow gyms and boutique studios to run indoor cycling classes with both in-studio and at-home attendees, working out together with real-time group data. It is an innovative 3D simulator system that’s designed for indoor cycling studios and fitness facilities that are eager to recruit more customers and increase revenue. It allows your instructors to see the group and to be seen, it collects data on factors such as power, cadence, speed, and heart rate from sensors on each bike in the studio and at home, combines the data with the personal information it’s recorded on age, weight, performance history, etc., generates a unique group simulation and displays the data in real-time.
You can even personalize the leaderboard and color-coded views to display the most important data set to your members Spivi offers multiple fitness tests and challenges you can run at any given time during class. Select any test or challenge suitable for your fitness equipment and the metrics you’re training with, including power-equipped bikes, heart rate devices, or cadence/speed sensors.

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