- AirPlus (Air + Magnetic Resistance)
- 127lb. Heavy Duty Frame
- 350-lb. Max User Weight
- Self-Generating Power
- Enhanced Polygroove Belts with self-tensioning system
- FreeWheel Design - when you stop pedaling, the flywheel/fan continues to turn with your feet/pedals stopped
- Q-Factor: 16.7cm

- Bright-Display HIIT Console
- Color-Coded Progress Circle, Watts Output, and Heart Rate Zone
- Smart Connect Included (Bluetooth and Ant+)
- Ability to see Air Resistance Level on Console
- Shows Resistance of Air plus Magnetic Levels, Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, Watts, Speed, Pulse at all times

Smart Connect Ecoystem
The easy-to-use console features Smart Connect connectivity which allows users to connect our Smart Connect equipment console to a variety of 3rd party apps. For more information on our Smart Connect Ecosystem, please contact us!

- Handlebar Post Height Adjustable 30 levels: 11.65" Range
- Handlebar fore/aft Adjustable: 7.56" range
- Console Angle Adjustable: 270 degrees
- Seat Post Height Adjustable 30 Levels: 11.65" Range
- Seat Adjustable Angle: 30 degrees
- Seat Fore/Aft Adjustable: 1.5" Range
- Metal Pedal with Toe-Cup Included
- Steel Mesh that faces rider is completely filled, blocking any uncomfortable air/wind directed toward rider's face/body during use

- Net Weight: 57.6kg (127 lbs)
- Ship Weight: 66kg (145 lbs)
- Max User Weight: 159kg (350 lbs)
- Assembled Dimensions: 125(L)x52(W)x120(H) cm
- Made in Taiwan
- Compatible with 5khz chest belts
Storage and Transport Made Easy
Xebex AirPlus Cycles have 2 front wheels included. Simply tilt the bike using the rear base and roll away

Console Display
The Xebex AirPlus Cycle has a brightly-lit, color-coded LCD Display. The only Air and Magnetic Resistance machine that has the damper level and Magnetic Level displayed directly on the console. The display shows its AirPlus Resistance Level, Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, Watts, Speed, Pulse at all times along with Calories/Hour when you switch modes. The easy-to-read console is designed for simplicity and the ability to know your progress at all times with the by using its Color-Coded Progress Circle. The Progress Circle can be assigned to represent any distance, calorie, or time that you preset, or a 1000m lap by default. We've also included color-coded display for our Watts Output and Heart Rate Zone so you can track your intensity at a glance.

Smoother, More Comfortable Biking Experience
The Xebex Air Cycle uses dual, enhanced Polygroove belts with self-tensioning system. The belt-driven Cycle provides a smooth and quiet experience. We also utilized a FreeWheel Design to enhance your training, like a real road bike.

A typical ‘spinning’ bike has a fixed-gear attachment to the flywheel. This means the pedals are directly connected to the flywheel and while the rider's initial effort gets the wheel moving, the momentum of the flywheel helps the rider by propelling their feet around with the flywheel. This reduces the effectiveness of training and can be a safety concern as well. With the Xebex Air Cycle, the rider experiences a FreeWheel design that means when you stop pedaling, the flywheel continues to turn even though your feet are stopped. This forces the rider to use all the muscles in their legs to move the flywheel around, just like a real road-bike. Besides effectiveness in training, with the Xebex Air Cylcle - gym operators and trainers will offer a much safer training experience as well.

Flywheel, Damper, and Power Setting
The air-based flywheel puts the rider in control of intensity at all times. The damper allows the rider to adjust the amount of airflow to the on the left-hand side of flywheel during his or her ride, which can increase or decrease the intensity. Rider can easily keep track of the resistance level the damper is set on, with our brightly-lit display.
Increase your power and strength training by adjusting our AirPlus (magnetic) resistance as well. On the right-hand side of the flywheel, the rider can pull the AirPlus knob and adjust between 1-8 levels to further increase the resistance. Using just air, the rider can mimic about 0-15 degrees of incline. Add the magnetic and the rider can mimic up to 35 degree incline

Durable Construction
Xebex AirPlus Cycles are overbuilt for durability and sturdiness. Our 127LB base provides a stable foundation for users up to 350LB. We use metal and steel where others don't.

Easy Assembly
Xebex AirPlus Cycles require minimal assembly. We include all the necessary tools, hardware, and clear, illustrated instructions. Allow 20-30 minutes to complete the job!
Warranty : 1year 


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